The easy care of the three-masted flower Tradescantia pallida

The easy care of the three-masted flower Tradescantia pallida

Can the three-masted flower also be grown in a bucket?

You can easily grow a Tradescantia pallida in a bucket. However, it needs more care there than outdoors.

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How should Tradescantia pallida be poured?

The three-masted flower does not like complete drought. After planting, you should water them well. When caring for in the bucket, water regularly, but make sure that no waterlogging occurs.

Is fertilization necessary?

Before planting, improve the soil in the garden with ripe compost. Then further fertilization is not necessary.

If the three-masted flower is cared for in the tub, give fertilizer for green plants at two-week intervals from March to September.

Do you need to cut Tradescantia pallida?

Cutting is not absolutely necessary. However, you should trim dried or diseased shoots.

You can cut cuttings for propagation every spring. Use a sharp knife to do this.

How do you transplant this three-masted flower?

You can transplant the three-masted flower outdoors in spring. Dig them up and put them in the desired, prepared place.

Plants grown in the tub are repotted when the previous container has become too small. Shake off the old substrate. Create a drainage layer in the new pot to prevent waterlogging.

What diseases and pests to watch out for?

Diseases occur when the three-masted flower is kept too moist.

Spider mites and scale insects attack the plant in unfavorable locations. Treat them the same way if possible so that the infestation cannot spread.

Is Tradescantia pallida hardy?

Tradescantia is hardy outdoors and does not need any winter protection.

Care for the three-masted flower in the tub, you should place it in a sheltered place on an insulating base during winter. To be on the safe side, wrap the bucket with burlap.


Tradescantia comes in countless species that differ significantly in terms of growth, leaf and flower shape. Some varieties are only suitable for indoor culture.