Healthy and tasty - this is how you process red currants

Healthy and tasty - this is how you process red currants

What can be made from red currants?

Red currants can be prepared in many ways:

  • fruit salad
  • compote
  • jam
  • jelly
  • juice
  • in ice cream and quark dishes
  • liqueur

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The slightly sour red currants also go well with game dishes. You can use them there instead of cranberries.

If the berries are too sour for you, add a little sugar or mix different types of berries.

Process red currants as fresh as possible

You must not store red currants for long. The water-containing fruits lose their aroma after a few days. Overlaid berries contain only a few of the important vitamins.

Store red currants in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days, unwashed. If they cannot be processed immediately, they can also be frozen.

However, it is best to process red currants immediately. They are tastiest and healthiest when they are prepared and eaten in the garden immediately after being picked from the bush.

Prepare red currants

Red currants are only washed on the panicle shortly before preparation. Place the berries in a fine-mesh colander and rinse well with cold water.

The berries are only separated from the panicles after a short drying period. For large quantities, use a fork that you rub along the panicle against the direction of the stroke. This will cause the berries to peel off.

Sort out rotten, unripe, or wrinkled fruit. Small stems that have remained on the berries should be removed. They make the food bitter.

Red currant jelly and jam

You should only cook jellies and jams or juices made from red currants if you have harvested too much fruit. The vitamins are lost through cooking.

The small currant seeds often have a disturbing effect in desserts. Therefore, after cooking, pass the fruit mass through a sieve so that the seeds do not get into the jelly or jam.


Red currants contain a lot of vitamin C. When eaten fresh, they strengthen the immune system and alleviate cold symptoms. The consumption stimulates the appetite.