Disaster alert: The Schefflera is losing leaves!

Disaster alert: The Schefflera is losing leaves!

Reasons why the Schefflera is losing leaves

Radiation aralia are usually resistant and cannot be brought down so quickly. But if the grievances persist, they too soon give in and let their leaves fall. The main reasons for leaf loss are:

  • Temperatures below 10 ┬░ C
  • too moist substrate
  • too dark location
  • disturbing drafts at the location
  • existing diseases

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Quick action is the order of the day - otherwise there is a risk of ruin

If you don't act quickly now, the end of the Schefflera may be near. Usually it cannot regenerate itself if there are mistakes in care or if it is in the wrong location. So check the location and care and examine the foliage to see if there are any pests or fungal infections!

Prevent abnormal leaf loss

But how do you prevent the whole thing? Quite simply, by making everything the best:

  • put in a warm and bright place
  • do not place it near open doors and windows
  • do not expose to direct sun
  • overwinter moderately warm
  • do not over-fertilize
  • Water evenly and ensure that the water drains well

Leaf loss is usually preceded by unusual leaf discoloration. At first, the leaves turn yellowish, sometimes also brown, until they finally fall off. You should act quickly if there are such signs!

Don't worry if leaves fall off every now and then

Every Schefflera loses leaves over time. Especially in the lower trunk area it looks bare after a few years. The leaves only show up at the top. But that's perfectly normal.


Most often, temperatures that are too low and the soil that is too wet are behind the fall of the leaves of the ray aralia.