Ideal for the hanging basket - trendy hanging tomato varieties

Ideal for the hanging basket - trendy hanging tomato varieties

These tomato varieties dangle their tendrils

Cocktail tomatoes have all the attributes to thrive in the hanging basket (€ 14.99 on Amazon *) or on the balcony box. In this way you solve space problems, create a decorative appearance and reduce maintenance to a minimum. A climbing aid is not necessary here, as is the annoying pruning. If you choose the right variety, your balcony will be transformed into a feast for the senses. The best varieties:

  • Tumbling Tom Red: red, aromatic fruits, tendrils length up to 30 cm, fruits up to 30 grams
  • Gold Nugget: spicy-sweet aroma, tendril length up to 150 cm, fruits up to 20 grams, very productive
  • Bianca: creamy white fruits with a high sugar content, tendril length up to 150 cm, fruits 5-10 grams
  • Corbarino: historical variety from Naples, countless red fruits up to 30 grams, unlimited growth requires pruning
  • Hoffmanns Rentita: tendrils length up to 100 cm, short ripening time, very robust, red fruits, 60-80 grams

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This is how bush tomatoes turn into hanging tomatoes

Bush tomatoes with limited growth are actually the ultimate traffic light tomatoes - if only it weren't for their tightly upright habit. Resourceful hobby gardeners solve the problem with the following trick, which converts every shrub and bush tomato into a hanging tomato.

  • Drill a 5 cm opening in the bottom of a sturdy bucket with a metal bracket
  • Cut a coconut mat into a disc with a diameter of 15 centimeters and a slit up to the middle
  • carefully push the roots through the bottom hole from below
  • Turn the bucket upside down and slide the root neck into the slot

The coconut slice now holds the tomato plant in the bucket. Hang it up in a safe place and fill it with soil. Then water the freshly planted tomato and care for it like any other young plant. Please note that the bucket has to bear a lot of weight. Therefore, choose a hook that is as stable as possible in a safe place to hang it up.

Tips & Tricks

If you turn your bush tomatoes into hanging tomatoes by standing on their head, you can make good use of the space at the top of the bucket. Plant basil, marigold or marigold here. Not only is it nice to look at, it also keeps diseases and pests at bay.