Suitable varieties for magnolia bush

Suitable varieties for magnolia bush

Magnolias often grow as a shrub

From a botanical point of view, the magnolia is actually not a tree, but a large shrub. These trees do not form single, bare trunks near the ground. Instead, there are several stems that branch out just above the surface and develop leaves and flowers. Basically, however, almost every magnolia bush can be raised to a high trunk or, as a refinement, shaped into a tree from the start. But whether it is a bush or a tree: The same instructions regarding planting and care apply to both growth forms of the magnolia.

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Magnolia varieties with bushy growth

Many types of magnolia, in particular the purple magnolia, the star magnolia and the summer magnolia, naturally have a rather broad, bush-like growth. Other species, especially the Yulan magnolia and the tulip magnolia, grow more like trees and can also get quite tall. However, even magnolia trees are usually very wide and accordingly need space. In the following table we have put together some particularly beautiful magnolia varieties for cultivation as a shrub.

varietyLatin nameVariety denominationheightHabitFlower color
Purple magnoliaMagnolia liliifloraNigraup to approx. 5 meterswidedark purple
Purple magnoliaMagnolia liliifloraSusanup to approx. 5 meterswidepurple
Summer magnoliaMagnolia SieboldiiSiebold's magnoliaup to approx. 4 metersoverhangingWhite
Star magnoliaMagnolia loebneriLeonard Messelup to approx. 5 metersuprightpink
Star magnoliaMagnolia loebneriMerrillup to approx. 7 meterswideWhite
Star magnoliaMagnolia stellataRoyal Starup to approx. 3.5 meterswideWhite

Tips & Tricks

If you only have a small garden or want to cultivate the magnolia in a tub, it is better to use dwarf magnolias. These are often only about one to one and a half meters high (and about the same wide), but are in no way inferior to their big sisters in terms of beauty.