Planting chives with success

Planting chives with success

When is the best time to plant or sow?

If you want to plant a pre-grown garlic chives, you can tackle this procedure from mid / late May. It is important that night frosts are no longer to be expected outside. The young plants do not tolerate these. If you want to sow the chives with your own hands, you can prefer it at home from March or sow it outdoors from the end of April until September at the latest.

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What is the process of sowing garlic chives?

The seeds of chives are cold and dark germs. After experiencing a cold spell, sow them 1 to 2 cm deep into the soil. For the next few weeks, the soil will keep the seeds moist. The seeds germinate after 14 to 28 days. The ideal germination temperature is 20 ° C.

After the seedlings have become visible and small plants have developed from them, they can be pricked out. When planting in pots or beds, a distance of 25 cm should be kept between the individual plants. It is important to keep a distance of 40 cm between rows.

What are the location requirements for chives?

Chives need a sunny to full sun location. The penumbra represents its tolerance limit. If it is cultivated on the balcony or on the window sill, emphasis should be placed on a southern exposure. The plant substrate should ideally meet the following properties:

  • loose texture
  • good permeability
  • fresh to moderately moist environment
  • high nutrient and humus content

When can the herb be harvested?

Once planted, garlic chives can be harvested for several years. It is hardy and if it was planted the previous year, the harvest can begin in March. Its edible leaves and flowers can be harvested and used for salads and soups until late summer.


Do not plant chives in the vicinity of cabbage, beans, and peas. He cannot make friends with these plant neighbors. On the other hand, he likes being close to cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and strawberries and rewards this neighborhood with less maintenance.