Pruning willow heavily - tips and tricks

Pruning willow heavily - tips and tricks

Can the willow tolerate radical pruning?

The willow is known for its rapid growth, so after a cut it forms new shoots again in a short time. It is extremely cut tolerant and forgives any mistakes. You do not have to fear that you will cause damage to your tree with a radical cut. Go on, your willow will reward you with even more beautiful flower formation than before. The kittens on the young shoots are particularly beautiful to look at.

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Useful tool

The best thing to do is to get help from one, or even better, several people. If the pruning only takes place every few years, a lot of clippings will come together in the end. If helpers collect this right away, less work is required. In addition, utensils such as

  • a lifting platform
  • a chainsaw with a long sword


  1. Start cutting the outermost branches and work your way inward
  2. Feel free to shorten the branches directly on the trunk
  3. Make sure to cut at an angle so that the rainwater can run off and does not cause rot
  4. Then apply wound closure agent to the interfaces
  5. This also serves to correct the growth habit of the willow


Radical pruning is recommended for willows every six to eight years. It is best to aim for a frost-free day in February. The pruning should be done before budding.

Observe regulations

In the warm season the pasture is a habitat for many animal species. To protect them, pruning is prohibited between March and October.