Planting a hazelnut hedge - what you need to consider

Planting a hazelnut hedge - what you need to consider

Preliminary considerations for a hazelnut hedge

If you plan to plant hazelnut bushes as a hedge, you need a lot of space above all.

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Such a hedge cannot be realized in small gardens. It would take up too much space and displace other plants from the garden.

Hazelnuts form many runners and also multiply through the nuts. New plants need to be removed regularly.

Find a suitable location

Hazelnut hedges do not look good on the fence to the neighbor or directly on the street. Trouble with the neighbor is inevitable when the bushes spread very quickly onto the neighboring property.

Since hazelnut trees are sensitive to salt, they should not be located on roads where salt is scattered in winter.

Prepare the soil

To plant hazelnuts as a hedge, you only need a little soil preparation.

  • Dig up the ground
  • remove weeds
  • Improve very poor soils with some ripe compost

The best time to plant

It is best to plant your hazelnut hedge in autumn. Hazelnut bushes grow well in almost every season, but in autumn they hardly need care and do not have to be watered.

The correct planting distance

For a hazelnut hedge, you need two to three hazelnut bushes per meter. Don't plant the shrubs too densely to make pruning easier later.

Caring for the hazelnut hedge

Essentially, the hedge hardly needs any maintenance. Only regular prunings are important so that the shrubs do not become bald inside.

In autumn after harvest, cut off all older shoots close to the ground. Then young twigs can grow back and the hedge remains tight.

If the hazelnut hedge has expanded strongly, it needs a strong pruning, which is best done in early spring. However, the bushes then do not bear as many nuts.

Tips & Tricks

You can combine hazelnut bushes very well with other plants in the hedge. Plant the hazelnut together with elderberries or yellow privet. Not only does it look pretty, it also offers the animal garden dwellers a good livelihood.