Ripe pomegranates are a treat

Ripe pomegranates are a treat

The shape of the pomegranates is similar to that of domestic apples, but they have a very firm, leathery skin and a large number of edible seeds inside instead of the pulp. It should be several hundred. The seeds consist of a small, solid core, which is surrounded by a glassy-looking, pink to deep red fruit coat filled with juice.

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When can you buy ripe pomegranates?

In Germany you can buy ripe pomegranates between September and December. These are mainly made up

  • Spain,
  • Turkey,
  • Israel and
  • Iran

imported. In the countries of origin, the pomegranates are harvested when they are fully ripe, as the fruits do not ripen.

How can you recognize ripe fruits?

The degree of ripeness of a pomegranate cannot be determined by its smell or sound. Whether a fruit is unripe can be judged by its appearance alone. In contrast to conventional apples, where the beautiful exterior suggests the tasty content, the tastiest pomegranates usually look ugly.

Their skin is spotty, irregularly colored, reddish, light orange to yellowish or brownish depending on the variety. It has small dents or bumps and a dried up flower base. In addition, it is often very hard, feels rough and cracked, almost woody to the touch. The maturity test also includes touching the bowl with your fingers. Soft, discolored spots indicate a rotting interior.

Open ripe fruits carefully

Ripe fruits are easy to break open. The kernels of such fruits simply fall out when you tap them lightly from the outside. Because of the juicy content, care should be taken when opening a ripe fruit. The dark red juice leaves stains on textiles and wood. If you roll a ripe fruit over the work surface before opening it, the juice will bubble out when you cut it.

The pomegranates - although harvested ripe - have a long shelf life thanks to their protective skin. They can be stored in the refrigerator for several months without any loss of quality. Even if the fruit looks a bit dried out after a long period of storage, the inside remains fresh and juicy.

Tips & Tricks

Should a pomegranate dry out so badly that you no longer want to eat it, the exotic fruit is ideal for decorative purposes, especially during Advent and Christmas. You can give the woody fruit a new shine by rubbing it with paint or dusting it with gold dust.

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