Properly caring for blood flower - tips for care

Properly caring for blood flower - tips for care

How is the blood flower properly watered?

The blood flower likes it dry rather than damp. Nevertheless, the substrate must of course not dry out completely. As soon as the first shoots or flowers appear, start watering. Always allow the top layer of the substrate to dry off between casting processes.

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Waterlogging is harmful! Therefore, never leave water in the saucer or planter.

As soon as the plant begins to feed in from September, reduce the watering quantities. During the winter phase, the blood flower is only watered very sparsely.

How often do you have to fertilize?

It is only fertilized during the growth phase in spring and summer. Use a liquid potassium-based fertilizer given at two-week intervals.

Does the blood flower have to be cut?

You can cut off dead flowers as well as leaves that are yellow and withered.

When is repotting necessary?

You repot young blood flowers annually, older plants need a new pot every two to three years. Repotting takes place in spring after the winter break.

What diseases and pests are there?

Diseases really only occur if you take care of the blood flower incorrectly. Too much moisture will cause the onion and, later, the shoots to rot.

Pests hardly ever bother the blood flower.

How will the blood flower hibernate?

  • Keep cool from October
  • frost-free location
  • like dark place
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize

The blood flower picks up its leaves in autumn. The remaining tuber is placed in a place where the temperature is no more than 12 to 14 degrees by spring. The plant cannot tolerate frost!

In winter there is only so little water that the substrate does not dry out completely. You are not allowed to fertilize in winter.

If the blood flower is not placed in a cooler place in winter, it will not develop flowers in the next year!


Plant a commercially purchased or just split bulb of the blood flower immediately. Otherwise it will dry out too quickly.