Poinsettia is a houseplant and not for outdoors

Poinsettia is a houseplant and not for outdoors

The poinsettia is purely a houseplant

The poinsettia is a houseplant that shows the decorative, colored bracts during winter. Poinsettias need a lot of light and warmth to flourish. In our part of the world we can only offer you these conditions in your room.

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  • Do not overwinter the poinsettia but overwinter it
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Put the poinsettia outside in summer

  • Cut back after flowering
  • Repot the poinsettia
  • Set up in a partially shaded location outdoors
  • water when dry
  • Put it in a drier place if it is wet
  • fertilize occasionally
  • Bring them into the house in autumn at the latest

Poinsettias are usually disposed of when they lose their colored bracts. The plant can be made to bloom for several years.

After flowering, it can be taken outside over the summer to “spend the summer” there. Put it in a partially shaded place outside where it is not too damp. Pour them sparingly. You should not put a coaster under the pot to prevent waterlogging. If the poinsettia was not repotted in the spring, you should regularly provide it with some fertilizer.

Before you send the poinsettia to summer rest, you can cut it back if necessary. The shoots are reduced by half. In any case, you should completely remove all old flowers.

Hibernate poinsettia in the house

The poinsettia can stay outside as long as the temperatures are in the multi-digit plus range. As soon as they drop below ten degrees at night, it's time to bring the houseplant back into the house to overwinter here.

Poinsettias do not tolerate sub-zero temperatures. They are therefore overwintered in the house because they provide color with their bracts during winter.

The poinsettia needs a lot of light and warmth during the flowering period. But do not place it directly on the heater, as the humidity is too low here. The poinsettia reacts to drafts and too much moisture from watering by losing its leaves.

Poinsettias are poisonous

As a milkweed plant, the poinsettia is poisonous in all parts. If you summer it outdoors on the terrace or balcony, make sure that neither children nor pets can get to the plant. There is a real risk of poisoning, especially for small animals.


To make a poinsettia bloom for several years, you need to make it darker for several weeks beforehand. For at least six weeks, the plant must not get more than eleven hours of light to develop new colored bracts.