Help, brown spots on my coffee plant!

Help, brown spots on my coffee plant!

Individual brown spots on the leaves of your coffee plant can simply be sunburn. A young coffee plant does not tolerate direct sunlight so well, an older one should at least get used to it slowly. An infestation with pests can also be indicated by individual spots. You should fight these immediately.

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Scale insects, in particular, like to appear in the coffee plant. If the infestation is low, try home remedies. A severe infestation can often only be combated effectively with the appropriate chemicals.

What's behind brown leaves?

If whole leaves turn brown, your coffee plant could have got drafts or too little light. In this case you should change the location immediately. Your coffee plant likes it warm and light, without wind or drafts. Even in winter it shouldn't be too cold, it needs at least 15 ° C.

If you water your coffee plant too much or too little, it may react with discoloration of the leaves, as well as too much or too little fertilizer. You should definitely adjust the maintenance here. If the soil is relatively wet, it is best to replace it right away.

When you repot your coffee plant, check the roots. Remove any rotten or soft parts. Then put the plant in fresh soil. Only water the coffee plant carefully. In the next few weeks, water a little more sparingly than before and do without fertilization.

Possible causes of brown spots or leaves:

  • sunburn
  • too little light
  • too low humidity
  • possibly drafts
  • poured or fertilized incorrectly
  • possibly pest infestation


As a first aid measure, a change of location is usually recommended. If this does not help, you should rethink the previous care.