Weed weeds properly - tips on tools and equipment

Weed weeds properly - tips on tools and equipment

the essentials in brief

  • Clever hobby gardeners know when to weed properly: in damp soil, before flowering and at least once a week.
  • Great hand tools for weeding are: weeding hoe, weeding fist, cross hoe, weeding noose, flower claw and weed cutter.
  • Top handle tools and devices for weeding without bending over are: pendulum hoe, shuffle, weed cutter, star tiller, weed disc, weed pen, Japanese hoe and Dutch shuffle.

Weed weeds properly - 3 tips

When and how often you clear weeds can be more important than the tools and equipment you use. The following 3 tips bring to the point how to properly weed in the garden bed:

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Tip 1: soil must be moist

weed weed

A light rain shower at night or in the early morning provides valuable protection when weeding. In softened earth, stubborn root weeds and solidly rooted seed weeds are noticeably less resistant to removal. Should the sky keep its sluices closed, simply moisten the bedding soil with a watering can or a water hose before eliminating bindweed, ground elder, buttercups and other green rabble.

Tip 2: weed weeds before they bloom

The worst types of weeds use seeds and roots to spread. By weeding dandelions, shepherds' purse and the like before flowering, you prevent self-sowing in the bed.

Tip 3: weed weekly

Weed weeds in the bed according to the motto: constant dripping wears away the stone. Regular plucking and plucking leaves cunning weeds no time to grow back vigorously. Dedicate yourself to sticky papers and straws at least once a week. With persistent continuity, you starve the weeds out and reduce the infestation pressure to a minimum over time.

The following explanations with pictures reveal which tools you can use to remove annoying weeds from the bed.

Weed weed effortlessly - anti-weed tool

A colorful array of tried and tested tools provides useful assistance when you cross the blades with weeds in the bed. Even a simple hand tool optimizes the fighting success and defuses the tedious drudgery. Weeding without bending over is possible with a practical handle tool. The following picture shows the best anti-weed tools for home gardeners:

Weeding: Tools for weeding

Pedunculate weed hoe

The stick weed hoe is also aptly referred to as a bow hoe. A sharp-edged metal blade attached across the handle sticks out at a right angle. The tool is perfect for cultivating the soil up to a depth of 3 centimeters, to pull all weeds with the help of pull and pressure.

Hand weed hoe

The handy counterpart to the stick weed hoe is used wherever a long stick on the tool is a nuisance. Hobby gardeners swear by the hand hoe to pull annoying weeds in raised beds.


On straight, sandy garden soils, the Schuffel makes short work of proliferating weeds. You can do this without bending over with a wide, rectangular steel knife on a long working handle. Hobby gardeners maneuver the Schuffel horizontally forwards, backwards or sideways over the weed-covered bed area. The sharp edges cut the weeds just below the surface.

Weeding fist

Are you looking for a lightweight, affordable weed removal tool here? Then we would like to recommend the practical weeding fist to you. There is a narrow and a wide metal bracket on the ergonomic handle. The following video demonstrates how you can easily pull weeds with the Swedish tool:


Handle pickaxe

The special construction makes the handle pickaxe a popular anti-weed tool. A sharp-edged leaf and three to five prongs are located across the handle. The stem, leaves and teeth form a cross, which the name refers to. The tool handle is rotated as required to hoe weeds, pull out the tines or loosen the soil.

Hand pickaxe

As a mini version without a long handle, the hand hoe is useful if you want to remove weeds quickly and flexibly in small beds, large buckets or raised beds.

Pendulum hoe

With a movable, double-edged steel blade, the pendulum hoe literally cuts the edge of any weed. Because the tool with the hardened cutting blade does not penetrate deeply into the earth, the effort involved is not worth mentioning.

Weeding loop

If you pull the metal loop of this tool through the ground, the roots on the weeds will be cut. Because a weeding loop is easy to guide in the smallest of spaces, even the smallest weeds can be weeded between seedlings in the bed without any problems.

Stem weed cutter

Since the Gardena weed cutter, back pain and dirty hands when pulling weeds are a thing of the past. Two patented special knives at the lower end of the working handle grab the weeds and pull them and their roots out of the ground. Dandelions and other root weeds have nothing to counter this function.

Hand weed cutter

With a classic hand weed cutter, dandelions are attached to the collar with a V-shaped steel blade. To weed, hobby gardeners have to kneel down next to the weeds and push the leaf deep into the earth. In return, the traditional anti-weed tool is available for as little as 5 euros.


Motivation boost calorie consumption

weed weed

Overgrown weeds put the motivation to garden work to the test. Fresh energy for a renewed confrontation with couch grass, groundgrass and dandelion gives you a look at the calorie consumption. Lean by weeding is not an illusion, but is based on proven facts. A 30-year-old hobby gardener with a weight of 68 kilograms and a height of 1.70 meters burns a motivating 330 calories per hour plucking and hoeing weeds. For a man who weighs 80 kilograms and is 1.80 meters tall, the calorie consumption even rises to a whopping 364 calories per hour.

Simply weed weeds - top 5 devices to use against weeds

Sophisticated devices take on weeds in the bed, protect your strength and your back. The following table introduces you to the top 5 and their prices:

Anti-weed deviceprice
Gardena star milling machine34 EUR
Turned wood garden disc21 EUR
Wolf weed killer32 EUR
Japan hoe30 EUR
Dutch Schuffel76 EUR

The following brief descriptions explain how the individual devices work in the fight against weeds in the bed:

Gardena star tiller with weeding knife

As a combination of tiller and pendulum hoe, the Gardena star tiller with weeding knife impresses. Specially shaped, galvanized star wheels loosen up the soil. This is followed by the integrated pendulum hoe, which rigorously cuts off weed roots.

Turned wood garden disc

For hobby gardeners with a penchant for innovation, the Krumpholz Garden Disc comes in handy. A circular knife sits either on the long or short handle, which cuts weeds, removes moss from joints and smooths the lawn edge.

Wolf weed pen

With its weed pen, the well-known manufacturer Wolf provides you with a useful helper in the fight against large-scale weeds in the bed. An attachment made of a hardened blade with an effective serrated edge grabs the weeds and cuts them off. The corresponding working handle guarantees back-friendly work without bending down, regardless of body size.

Japan hoe

It is thanks to the sharpened, double-edged blade of a Japanese hoe that even deep-rooted weeds have to give way in the bed. Hobby gardeners appreciate that with the traditional Asian garden tool, plant pits can be dug for flower bulbs, perennials and small shrubs in next to no time.

Dutch Schuffel

You only buy a Dutch Schuffel from the master forge Sneeboer once in the gardener's life, because the device is indestructible. The hand-forged shuffle blade is razor-sharp and available in different widths. A long handle made of ash wood rounds off the well thought-out construction.


In the shrub bed, ground cover guarantees furious abundance and is useful as a green weed police. Where fat men (Pachysander), evergreens (Vinca minor) or blue pillows (Aubrieta) combine to form a dense carpet of plants, brazen weeds have bad cards because they are denied access to sunlight.

frequently asked Questions

When is the best time to pull weeds in the garden?

weed weed

In fact, if you are going to weed properly, timing is more important than the tool you are using. The soil should be slightly moistened by rain or irrigation water so that you can also pluck stubborn root weeds more easily. Always weed weeds before the start of flowering to prevent extensive self-sowing in the garden.

I want to weed according to the lunar calendar. How does it work?

The waning moon is the best time to weed the garden effectively. Take a look at the lunar calendar and choose a time when the waning moon is in the zodiac sign Capricorn or Aquarius. It is said that weeds that have been weed grow back more slowly afterwards.

Is there a weeding machine?

Weeding weeds by machine has so far been reserved for agriculture in Germany. Most of the time, the large devices are mounted on the tractor, they rarely work with their own propulsion. A glimmer of hope for hobby gardeners shines from across the Atlantic. In the USA, a weed robot is already doing its rounds in numerous gardens. The smart machine is solar-powered and weeds everything larger than 2.5 centimeters from the earth. For a price of around 270 euros, the Tertill weeding robot should become a bestseller in German gardens as soon as it is available in stores.

What's weed in English?

In England the most annoying gardening work is described in a nutshell with one word: weeding means “weeding” in English.


Weed-afflicted hobby gardeners don't rest their hands in their laps in winter. As long as the garden soil is not frozen, you should continue to weed, hoe, pluck and pluck regularly. Resistant weed seeds germinate at 5 ° Celsius. Robust root weeds remain insidiously deep in the ground and gather their strength in order to cheerfully expel in time for the new season.