The best care for bush tomatoes

The best care for bush tomatoes

How are bush tomatoes to be watered?

Since bush tomatoes are highly branched, they develop a considerable amount of biomass. The evaporation is correspondingly high. How to pour the right amount:

  • water thoroughly in the early morning
  • water again in the late afternoon on hot summer days
  • always water directly at the roots and never over leaves and flowers
  • Empty a coaster after 30 minutes at the latest

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When are bush tomatoes fertilized?

The supply of nutrients starts from the second week in the open air. Fertilize bush tomatoes every 14 days with an organic fertilizer in stick form or as a liquid preparation. After the fruit set, apply the fertilizer weekly to varieties with a height of 100 centimeters and more.

Are bush tomatoes skimmed?

The special growth habit of bush tomatoes requires as many branches as possible. In order for these tomato varieties to produce the desired small fruits in large numbers, every pruning would reduce the yield considerably. You can do without this time-consuming maintenance measure on bush tomatoes.

Is there any protection against disease?

With a balanced supply of nutrients, you create the foundation for a vital bush tomato. Diseases caused by deficiency symptoms have little chance here, such as flower end rot or green collar. On the other hand, only adequate protection against moisture on leaves and flowers protects against the dreaded late blight or other fungal infections. Here are some best practices:

  • Grow bush tomatoes under a rain canopy
  • ideally located in the greenhouse or on the windowsill
  • Cultivate individual plants under the protection of a tomato cover

Do bush tomatoes need a climbing aid?

In contrast to other types of tomatoes, bush tomatoes usually grow upright. Nevertheless, it is recommended to support the shoots. So that the weather or the weight of the fruit hanging do not press the branches to the ground, tie bush tomatoes to special tomato sticks.

Tips & Tricks

Bush tomatoes in the tub have a good chance of a successful winter. Carry the non-hardy plants into the house in good time to place them on the bright, warm window sill. You can compensate for the lack of light with plant lamps or a large mirror.