Jasmine bears beautiful, strongly scented flowers

Jasmine bears beautiful, strongly scented flowers

Facts about the flowers of jasmine

The individual flowers of jasmine consist of five to ten oblong-oval petals. The calyx is very small and hardly noticeable.

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The flowers develop at the tips of the young shoots, where they form whole clusters of up to ten flowers.

After the flowering period, the flowers develop into round or oval berries, which initially turn red and later purple.

When does the jasmine bloom?

Most types of jasmine bloom from June to September.

Winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) flowers from December to April. It is partially hardy and has yellow flowers.

Causes the shrub does not produce flowers

If a jasmine does not develop flowers, different factors are responsible:

  • Removal of flowers by pruning too much
  • overwintering too warm
  • Jasmine in the pot or bucket is too dark
  • overaged plant

Don't prune jasmine too hard in spring. Old plants need to be rejuvenated by pruning.

Meaning of jasmine flowers in flower language

Because of their beautiful shape and their unique scent, jasmine flowers have been valued in the language of flowers for a long time.

Anyone who gives away white jasmine flowers expresses that they find the recipient enchanting. In addition, the flowers stand for purity and kindness. Yellow flowers mean elegance and grace.


If the strong scent of jasmine flowers in the room or on the terrace is too intense for you, you should try to get offshoots of the “Jasminum mesnyi” variety. The flowers of this fast-growing species hardly smell at all.