How do you grow the hazelnut from seeds?

How do you grow the hazelnut from seeds?

Which nuts are suitable for sprouting?

Commercial hazelnuts are usually not suitable for pulling. Often they have been dried too hot so that they can no longer germinate. Furthermore, they are often too old and have lost their ability to germinate due to the overlay.

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Hazelnuts from your own harvest are much more suitable for germination. You shouldn't be too old. Therefore, it is advisable to use freshly harvested nuts.

The ideal location and the right soil

The choice of location should be carefully considered if the hazelnuts are not first grown in pots, but are immediately transported outdoors. The location for pulling should be protected, ideally partially shaded and safe from animal feed. The floor should have the following characteristics:

  • high nutritional content
  • loose texture
  • profound
  • permeable
  • pH between 6 and 6.5

What's the best way to germinate?

Hazelnuts need a cold spell to be stimulated to germinate. It is therefore a good idea to simply stick the nuts (with their shells) in the ground outdoors. There they are lightly covered with earth. Then they are left to their own devices. With luck, the first shoots will appear next spring.

Getting through the early days - no challenge

In the first time, the soil should be watered regularly. A moist environment is initially extremely important for the hazelnut. It does not need care and neither does it need winter protection. After a waiting period of two to three years, the plant will usually bear the first fruits and the harvest can begin.

Tips & Tricks

Warning: hazelnuts that you raise yourself are usually less productive. In addition, the nuts that develop do not have the quality (especially size and taste) of those that you once planted.