Sow hot peppers - this is how the rearing succeeds

Sow hot peppers - this is how the rearing succeeds

Required material

  • a spring pot
  • a plastic bag
  • earth
  • Seeds

The seed

You can get pepperoni seeds everywhere. The biodiversity is almost unlimited. Either you buy them from specialist retailers, order them online (you usually have the largest selection here) or take your own organic fruit.

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Buying seeds from the conventional supermarket is not advisable because the plant of origin is often uncertain. There is a risk that this already comes from the 2nd generation of fruit, which is why it no longer makes such splendid peppers.

So go ahead

Sowing hot peppers is really easy. Bless yourself:

The right time

Hot peppers actually germinate all year round, but January is ideal for planting the seeds in the ground.

The pot

You will need spring pots for sowing a pepperoni. To ensure that there is always an adequate water supply, it is best to place several spring pots in a low bowl, which you fill with liquid. You can convert this into a small greenhouse by putting a plastic bag over it. A simple rubber band is used for fastening.

The site

To germinate, hot peppers need a light and warm place. A temperature of 25 ° C is ideal. A sunny windowsill is ideal for this. In winter, the heating also helps to optimize the temperature if necessary.

Sowing and watering

First let your spring pots swell with warm water. Then press two to three seeds in the middle of each container. The depth depends on the type of pepper and can usually be found on the packaging as an indication. In the following, make sure to always keep the soil moist.