Brewing raspberries in a pot - tips for keeping them in a bucket

Brewing raspberries in a pot - tips for keeping them in a bucket

Benefits of growing raspberries in a pot

Raspberry bushes thrive in pots as well as in the garden. Growing a bucket even has advantages. The pot acts as a root barrier and prevents the raspberry stolons from overgrowing the entire garden.

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Depending on the size of the bucket, you can plant one or more plants in a pot. The plant pot should have a capacity of at least 25 liters. For very low raspberry bushes, a ten-liter bucket is sufficient if necessary. The pots for raspberries should never be lower than a bucket of water.

Raspberry bushes bear fruit for up to ten years. So that you can harvest a lot of raspberries every year, change the potting soil completely every two to three years.

Planting and caring for the raspberries in the pot

  • Get a sufficiently large bucket
  • If necessary, pierce or enlarge the vent holes
  • Fill in humus garden soil or potting soil
  • Do not plant the raspberry bush too deep
  • Water regularly
  • Fertilize twice a year
  • Cut back in summer or autumn, depending on the variety

Hibernate bucket raspberries

Raspberries in the garden are hardy and do not need special protection. This is a little different when planting in a pot. They cool down faster at high temperatures below zero. Frost damage cannot therefore always be ruled out.

Cut back autumn raspberries all the way. Summer raspberries are only partially cut back. You can protect the remaining rods from the cold with spruce or pine branches. Cover the pot with bubble wrap or some other insulating material.

Place the bucket close to the house wall over the winter. It doesn't get quite as cold there because of the residual heat. But don't forget to water the plants every now and then so that they don't dry out.

Tips & Tricks

Large planters can be quite expensive. In the hardware store you can get inexpensive mortar buckets with a large capacity. They are wonderfully suitable for planting raspberry bushes. Rinse the tubs several times with vinegar water before use to remove any harmful buildup.