What helps against flies on the terrace?

What helps against flies on the terrace?

Appropriate means

  • Lure away flies
  • Fragrant plants
  • alcohol
  • Predators

Lure flies away

Of course, flies don't come to your terrace to be sociable, but are attracted to certain scents and objects. Of course, these should be avoided:

  • Mow tall grass and prune your surrounding hedges regularly.
  • Do not leave dried fruit under fruit trees.
  • Stow away the meat when grilling or use food bells.
  • Remove any open water spots such as puddles or full buckets.
  • Sprinkle gravel in your plant coasters to avoid stagnant water.
  • Do not place your compost heap or the rain barrel in the immediate vicinity of the terrace.
  • In the case of pets, make sure to remove their droppings from the garden regularly.

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But you can also take advantage of the fact that sweet scents attract flies:

  • Mix honey, molasses, peanut butter or other sticky spreads with cornmeal in a bowl and place it far away. The flies get stuck in the trap.

Fragrant plants

Many plants give off an aroma that flies can't stand. These include

  • Carnations (not the flower but the spice)
  • basil
  • lavender
  • elder
  • mint
  • and Bleibusch


Flies don't like the smell of alcohol either. If you don't mind the smell, fill a plastic bag with vodka and hang it over the terrace.


Although spiders are usually also uninvited guests on the terrace, they are very effective at fighting flies. The insects get caught in the sticky webs and serve as food for the spiders. Therefore, do not remove all outdoor cobwebs.

Other methods

Many people claim that shiny objects are also effective at repelling flies. The effectiveness has not been proven, but it is well worth a try due to the simple application, in which you simply hang a bit of silver foil in the garden.