Withered hydrangea flowers - cut or not?

Withered hydrangea flowers - cut or not?

Break out withered things during the summer

By regularly breaking out the flowers, you encourage the formation of new buds and thus the abundance of flowers in the hydrangea. Many hydrangeas, stimulated by this care measure, set new flowers every six weeks and then bloom profusely until autumn.

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Of course, you can cut off the faded umbels of the hydrangea with sharp secateurs. However, it is more gentle on the hydrangea if you carefully break out what has faded. The hydrangea regenerates much faster.

Follow these steps:

  • Grasp the hydrangea below the withered umbel and above the next leaf base
  • Carefully break the flower to the side or snap it off with your fingernails.

When breaking out the faded umbels in August, thin out the hydrangea a little. In this way, a lot of light gets into the interior of the plant and bud formation is also stimulated.

In harsh areas, let flowers stand in autumn

The faded umbels with their smoky colors enchant the winter garden with their morbid charm. Therefore, the umbels can remain on the hydrangea during the cold season, especially since they also protect the flower approach of the following year from frost.

Do not break out what has withered directly above the new shoot until early spring. On this occasion you can remove dead or frozen wood over the winter.

Tips & Tricks

Faded hydrangea blossoms are a delightful ornament for the room that goes perfectly with the trendy vintage style. Arrange the flowers in pretty bowls; varnishing is not necessary because hydrangea flowers keep their shape even when dried.