How to care for your bluebell tree - tips and tricks

How to care for your bluebell tree - tips and tricks

The ideal location

Warm and dry is the ideal location for your bluebell tree, which is also known under the name Kaiserbaum or Paulownia. It doesn't tolerate cold winds, least of all in winter. Due to its imposing appearance, the bluebell tree should be planted as a solitary, and the spreading crown requires a lot of space. Paulownia tolerates drought and heat relatively well.

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Which soil is best for the bluebell tree?

The bluebell or emperor tree originally comes from China. He likes a moderately dry to slightly fresh and not too poor soil. This can be slightly acidic to alkaline and should not promote waterlogging. If the soil is too moist and loamy, the young shoots of your bluebell tree will not lignify in time.

Water and fertilize the bluebell tree properly

Although the bluebell tree has a fairly high water requirement, an older tree can cover this quite well on its own. Its roots are widely ramified. A young tree, on the other hand, should be watered regularly, especially in summer. In spring and / or summer the bluebell tree is grateful for a gift of ripe compost.

Prune the bluebell tree

The bluebell tree tolerates pruning quite well, even if it is a bit radical. It is best to prune your tree between May and July before it starts to develop its new buds. You can cut off shoots damaged by frost in spring.

The bluebell tree in winter

A young bluebell tree is not yet hardy. He absolutely needs adequate winter protection. Since the flower buds form in autumn, the bluebell tree is somewhat prone to late frosts. These occasionally freeze the buds.

The essentials in brief:

  • Location: warm, dry and sheltered from the wind
  • Soil: loose, well-drained, moderately dry to slightly moist
  • regular pruning makes sense, ideally between May and July
  • very resistant to diseases and pests


Only plant a bluebell tree if you can offer it enough space.

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