Why raspberries grow better with climbing support

Why raspberries grow better with climbing support

This is why raspberries need a trellis:

  • Rods do not hang on the ground
  • The raspberry bush can be shaped
  • Shoots can be tied airily
  • Fruits get enough sun

Climbing aids for summer raspberries

The best support for summer raspberries is a so-called V-frame.

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To do this, set up a pole at the end of each row of raspberries, which you provide with several cross braces. These are narrower at the bottom and become wider and wider at the top, so that they form a V.

Weatherproof cords made of wire or plastic are pulled between the cross braces, to which the rods are attached. Experienced gardeners attach the annual rods to one side and the two-year-old rods to the other. That makes the pruning easier.

Climbing aids for autumn raspberries

Knot grids are sufficient for autumn raspberries. A wire mesh is stretched over the bushes.

The rods grow through the openings in the grid and are simply tied up.

Wire ropes stretched next to the rows of raspberries are also sufficient for autumn raspberries.

Climbing aids for low cultivars

Raspberry bushes that don't get that tall just need a simple climbing aid.

After planting, stick some twigs in the ground to attach the rods to.

Tie up the raspberries

Raspberries are not climbers. They do not train their own climbing aids, but must be attached to the scaffolding by the gardener.

Always tie the rods when they have reached the height of one of the transverse wires.

Provide light and sun

When tying up, make sure that the individual rods have enough space between them. As a result, the air circulates well and the bushes dry out better when it is damp.

Rods with fruits should be exposed to the sun as much as possible. This makes the raspberries bigger and sweeter.

Tips & Tricks

You can get special clamps for fastening the raspberries in the garden trade. This saves you having to deal with wire and scissors. The brackets are easy to set. After pruning, you can take them off for reuse.