Copper rock pear is also available as a high stem

Copper rock pear is also available as a high stem

Copper rock pear (Amelanchier lamarckii) as a high trunk has a trunk height of about 180 to 200 cm. Above that, the spreading, umbrella-like crown develops, the branches of which grow overhanging in the older trees. The high trunk grows to a height of between 4 and 6 meters, and with optimal site conditions and good care, even higher. In the year it increases by approx. 20 cm in height and approx. 10 cm in width. Due to the good cut tolerance of the copper rock pear, you can influence the growth through specific measures.

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What to consider when planting a high trunk

  • Plant several trees far enough (about 8-10 meters) apart so that the crowns can develop better
  • plant the tall trunks as solitary plants on smaller areas,
  • Loosen the soil well, create drainage if necessary, do not compact in the root area or with lawn, underplanting or similar. complain,
  • water regularly and abundantly after planting.

How to care for a standard trunk

The site conditions strongly influence the growth of the copper rock pear, although it does not place particularly high demands on its environment. Planted in full sun or light shade, the high trunk develops into a beautiful shade provider. It can happen that the standard trunks sprout at the base. The leaves should be removed so that the tree retains its shape as a high trunk. Additional watering in the event of prolonged drought is beneficial. Fertilizing is not absolutely necessary, especially if you have added compost to the planting hole.


A full-grown copper rock pear high stem is a truly magnificent sight in the flowering period. From the flowers, spherical blue-black fruits develop, which are edible and to which the tree owes the name "currant tree".