Peonies that will look splendid for years - with this care!

Peonies that will look splendid for years - with this care!

How often are peonies fertilized?

If you fertilize your peonies twice a year, that's fine. For the first time, they are fertilized between March and April. The second fertilization should take place immediately after flowering, i.e. around the end of June.

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Which fertilizers are suitable?

In principle, substances that are less nitrogen-based should be used for fertilization. For a lush flowering, peonies need above all potassium and a portion of phosphorus. Organic fertilizers such as compost, horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or horn meal are best. Be sure to carefully work the fertilizer into the soil as the peonies' roots are close to the surface.

How and when to cut peonies

Perennial peonies should be cut back just above the ground in autumn, when the shoots are yellow to brown. In addition, it is advisable to cut off the withered flowers in summer, immediately after the flowering period. On the one hand, it is more energy-saving for the plant. On the other hand, fungi tend to form in the flowers, which can otherwise spread to the entire plant.

How are the shrub peonies cut?

Shrub peonies are cut differently than perennial peonies. In principle, they do not have to be cut at all. It's more of a can. If you want to trim a shrub peony, do it in late fall. Cut the shoots down to the first bud!

Do peonies need to be watered?

Pouring is very straightforward:

  • Water young plants regularly in the first year
  • later the plants are deeply rooted
  • drought is particularly harmful during the flowering period
  • generally water in heat and prolonged drought

Which pests and diseases can occur?

The following pests and diseases can attack peonies:

  • Ants prefer the flowers
  • Aphids everywhere
  • Pests usually do not cause any significant damage
  • Gray mold: dried out, brown buds and shoots (often in spring)
  • Leaf spot disease: round spots that are purple on the edge

How do you protect the plants in winter?

Peonies are hardy. They should only be protected in winter if they have been freshly planted. Brushwood is suitable as winter protection. Warning: do not fertilize your shrub peonies too late! Otherwise, the shoots can no longer mature properly. It is also important to remove the winter protection before budding.


Unlike other perennials, it is not necessary to divide the peonies regularly. On the contrary, the peonies tolerate digging up and reinsertion extremely poorly.

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