Store plums properly and properly ripen

Store plums properly and properly ripen

Tips for buying

In order for plums to be storable, we recommend choosing shiny fruits with smooth skin and a dark color. Avoid buying overripe specimens. A bulging style approach also gives indications of a favorable stage of maturity.

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Storage in the refrigerator

Do not wash the fruits until just before consumption. This is how the protective wax layer keeps the fruit fresh. Paper bags or perforated plastic bags are suitable for storage in the refrigerator. If the surface of the plums shows bruises or wrinkles, the fruits are no longer suitable for storage. Alternatively, purees or sauces can be prepared.


Harder plums ripen at room temperature (around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius) within 2 to 3 days. The aroma differs from the natural ripening on the tree. Avoid storing unripe plum varieties in a cool place. These become floury and lose their sweet taste.

The ripening gas is ethylene

Plums give off large amounts of the ripening gas. Do not store these with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber or cauliflower. The vegetables deteriorate faster.

However, storing plums together with bananas can result in faster ripening. Ripening is slower in a fruit bowl.

Distinguishing features of ripe fruits:

  • Shell: slightly dusty or foggy
  • lower end is softer than the rest of the pulp

Finger test:

  • immature: firm flesh
  • ripe: a small indentation remains when touched.
  • Overripe: The smallest touch leaves clear traces.

Tips & Tricks

Later plum varieties are harvested after the first frost. Usually the fruit tips are a little wrinkled at this point. These fruits are primarily suitable for boiling or freezing.

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