Why does aloe vera get brown spots?

Why does aloe vera get brown spots?

In order for your aloe vera to look healthy, the following care instructions should be observed:

  • the location should be bright,
  • the best substrate is earth and sand in a ratio of 50:50,
  • Waterlogging should be avoided at all costs.

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If whole leaves turn brown when exposed to intense sunlight, this is a natural phenomenon that does not harm the plants. The brown spots, on the other hand, can be a sign of fungal attack. Take a good look at the brown spots. Is the discoloration superficial or is the leaf tissue soft underneath? Are only individual leaves or the whole plant affected? The most common cause is actually excessive watering.

Too much water is harmful to aloe vera

It is important that the soil is well drained, as the aloe does not tolerate waterlogging. The houseplant soil should therefore be mixed halfway with sand. A drainage layer made of potsherds and gravel on the bottom of the pot ensures that excess water can drain away.

Aloe vera is used to surviving long periods of time without watering. The aloes that stand outside in summer can be watered vigorously about twice a week and the excess water then removed. In winter, watering should only be done when the substrate is completely dry.

Nutritional deficiency

Brown spots that aren't soft can also indicate nutrient deficiencies. If you repot your aloe regularly and use fresh soil, there is no need for fertilizers. Otherwise, it should be fertilized sparingly in summer with universal or special fertilizer for succulents.

To remedy the situation

To avoid fungus formation, you should never pour your aloe on the leaves, but always directly on the substrate. Individual sheets can be easily removed. If the whole plant is infested, repotting in the fresh, dry soil can help, although it must not be watered in the first few weeks afterwards.


If you want to grow new aloe plants from cuttings, let them dry for several days after they have been cut.