Freeze lemon balm perfectly - this is how it works

Freeze lemon balm perfectly - this is how it works

Freeze lemon balm leaf by leaf - this is how it works

Storing lemon balm by freezing it only makes sense if the herbs can be removed individually. So that the lemon balm leaves don't stick to each other, clever hobby gardeners take an intermediate step during the freezing process. How to do it right:

  • Rinse the freshly harvested lemon balm under running water
  • Spread out on kitchen paper and let dry
  • then distribute on a plate so that the leaves do not touch
  • Slide into the freezer compartment of the freezer to pre-freeze

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You only need to take the hard-frozen lemon balm leaves out of the freezer for a short time to transfer them to a freezer. This step should be completed as quickly as possible so that the lemon herb does not thaw again. With this simple trick, you can now remove individual papers if necessary to use them according to taste.

How to conjure up lemon herbal ice cubes

Chefs swear by portion-sized frozen lemon balm. This method has two advantages: The unique aroma is almost completely preserved and the lemon balm is immediately ready to hand to give warm dishes the finishing touch. It's that easy:

  • Harvest the lemon balm just before flowering
  • pluck the leaves off, clean them and chop them into small pieces
  • Fill each compartment of an ice cube tray two-thirds full with lemon balm
  • top up with cold water and freeze

In this way, the lemon balm can be kept for at least 1 year. If necessary, remove one or more cubes and add them to the warm food while frozen. It is important to note that the lemon balm is only added at the end of the cooking time. As soon as the herbs boil for a few minutes, the aroma is gone.

Tips & Tricks

Do you already know the herb vinegar with the freshness kick? You can easily make this aromatic ingredient for creative cuisine yourself. Put a good handful of fresh lemon balm in a glass bottle and fill it up with apple or wine vinegar. Let it steep for 14 days in a dark, cool place and strain - done.

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