The lead root: what care does it need?

The lead root: what care does it need?

Does the lead root need regular watering and does it tolerate lime water?

Its lush growth coupled with its multitude of evergreen leaves requires a regular supply of water. Water your lead root when the top layer of its soil has dried. The substrate should be kept moderately dry to slightly moist. Only such a milieu ensures that many flowers will develop.

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Waterlogging should be avoided, however, because lead root does not get this at all. Also, make sure not to wet the leaves with water, but always pour them only on the root area. Lime-free or lime-free water should preferably be used.

What must be considered when fertilizing?

In its main vegetation period between April and September, lead root is dependent on plenty of nutrients. Fertilize it with liquid fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks. A potash-based fertilizer would be ideal.

Which place is suitable for wintering?

Since this tropical plant is not hardy, it should be overwintered:

  • either: light, cool (approx. 8 ° C) winter quarters
  • or: dark, frost-free winter quarters
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize

Are there specific diseases and pests that can be dangerous?

House plants are often attacked by pests and so is lead root, especially in winter. Aphids often appear, but spider mites can also weaken it. The gray mold should be mentioned above all in terms of diseases.

How and when are the shoots cut?

It is not uncommon for lead root to proliferate. It grows rapidly when it is in the right place. Regular pruning is therefore more than appropriate. Before overwintering and, if necessary, in spring, it should be cut down by half or to a height of 15 to 20 cm.

Keep the following points in mind when cutting:

  • blooms on the new wood
  • Remove weak, diseased and too old shoots
  • clear out in summer if necessary
  • Cutting off seed heads stimulates renewed flowering


If you decide to overwinter in the dark, you should make the poisonous lead root lighter again from February.