How should I overwinter my tree chilli?

How should I overwinter my tree chilli?

The right winter quarters

In general, a tree chilli tolerates the Central European climate better than other chilli varieties. Nevertheless it is too cold for the plant outside in winter. It should overwinter light but not too warm. Dark basement rooms are just as unsuitable as overheated living rooms. With ideal wintering, the crop yield increases, so some energy and care should be spent on it.

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Proper care in winter

Your tree chilli also needs a little care in winter. The plant should be watered regularly, but less than during the summer months. The soil / substrate must not dry out. On the other hand, you do not give the tree chilli fertilizer in winter.

Before you bring your tree chilli to the winter quarters, check the plant for any pest infestation and remove excess leaves (for example on the shoots that are to be cut back in spring). This will reduce evaporation and water requirements. In around February, cut back the tree chilli if the tree is too big for you.

The essentials in brief:

  • not hardy
  • ideal winter quarters: moderately warm and bright
  • Examine the plant for pests in autumn
  • possibly remove some of the leaves
  • Water regularly in winter but less than in summer
  • Do not fertilize until the beginning of flowering
  • Cut back the plant in February and repot
  • When repotting, loosen the roots and cut them back if necessary


If you overwinter your tree chilli lightly and not too warm, but also not too cold, you can hope for a good harvest in the coming year.