Fruit enjoyment in every season: freeze peaches

Fruit enjoyment in every season: freeze peaches

Special features when freezing peaches

Before you freeze peaches, remove the furry skin and seeds. Otherwise, the fruit can become bitter over time. It should also be noted that freezing changes the consistency to the negative. There are two recommended ways of freezing peaches, depending on their intended use:

  • Freeze peaches in pieces or wedges
  • Freeze the pureed peaches

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Preparation: Core the peaches and remove the skin

To remove the thin peach skin, first notch the fruits crosswise on the underside with a knife. Then blanch peaches in boiling water for a few minutes. The skin can now easily be peeled off the fruit.

Then cut the peaches in half to remove the stones. Now you have to choose in which form you want to freeze the fruit. You can either cut the peaches into wedges or pieces or prepare a puree.

Freeze peach wedges and pieces

If you intend to prepare compote from your frozen peaches, or if you need pieces of peach for desserts or fruity meat dishes, you should opt for a chunky variant when freezing.

  • Cut the peeled and pitted peaches into pleasant pieces.
  • Drizzle with lemon juice to prevent the pieces of fruit from turning brown.
  • Put the pieces in your freezer in sufficiently large freezer bags or plastic boxes.

Freeze the peach puree

To prepare peach sorbet or to use the peaches to make jam or a fruit sauce at a later date, you should puree the fruit before freezing. The peaches take up little space in the freezer and are optimally prepared for further processing.

  • Cut the prepared peach halves into large pieces.
  • Put these in a saucepan or bowl and carefully puree the peach pieces with a hand blender.
  • Put the obtained puree in freezer bags or ice cube trays and put them in the freezer.

Information on thawing and shelf life of frozen peaches

Peach pieces should be thawed in a sieve at room temperature before further processing. This will prevent the fruit pieces from becoming excessively mushy and will also be able to catch the fruit juice.

If you want to heat the frozen peaches for further processing, you can put the puree in a saucepan without defrosting beforehand.

Both types of fruit, whether chunky or pureed, can be kept for several months. After a year at the latest, however, they noticeably lose their aroma, which is why it is advisable to consume the peaches promptly.