Hokkaido Pumpkin - How to grow it in your own garden

Hokkaido Pumpkin - How to grow it in your own garden

Where does the delicious pumpkin come from anyway?

The Hokkaido pumpkin originally comes from Japan, more precisely: from the Japanese island of “Hokkaido”. However, you will look for this type of pumpkin in Japan under the name “Hokkaido” for nothing, because there it is called “Uchiki Kuri”.

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Can the Hokkaido pumpkin also be grown in Europe?

Since the climate on the Japanese island of Hokkaido is very similar to that in Central Europe, the colorful Hokkaido pumpkin also thrives in our latitudes. By the way, the variety is very productive and can be easily stored after the harvest.

Where can I get Hokkaido pumpkin seeds?

You can now get Hokkaido pumpkin seeds in every well-stocked garden center. However, you can also dry the seeds from purchased pumpkins and use them for sowing.

How are the small plants grown?

Hokkaido pumpkins should be grown on the windowsill or in the greenhouse from around the beginning of March to mid-March. The best way to do this is to use potting soil and loosely cover the seeds with a layer of substrate. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

When can I plant the plants outdoors?

The plants can go outside as soon as night frosts are no longer to be expected. Like almost all winter pumpkins, Hokkaidos can only tolerate the cold very poorly.

At what distance are the plants planted?

You will achieve the best yield if you plant a total of eight plants per square meter: Hokkaido pumpkins do not get large with a maximum of two kilograms, but usually reach the size of a grapefruit. However, the more space a plant has, the larger the fruit.

What is ideal Hokkaido soil like?

Ideal Hokkaido soil is loose, nutrient-rich and rich in nitrogen. For this purpose, plenty of manure should be worked into the soil in the previous year. In spring you have to work the earth deeply, that is, dig it up properly.

Which location is suitable?

Hokkaido Pumpkin, like all pumpkins, loves the blazing sun.

How often do you have to fertilize and water?

Water your plants regularly, especially once the fruits start to grow. However, you only need a little fertilizer for this. Incidentally, pumpkins respond very well to nettle manure.

When can I harvest?

It takes a long time from sowing to harvest: Hokkaido pumpkins are usually only harvested between September and November.

Good and bad neighbors

If possible, you should plant different types of pumpkin separately from each other, as they can fertilize each other. On the other hand, Hokkaido pumpkins (just like other winter pumpkins) harmonize perfectly with corn and string beans. Plant these together in a flower bed in the style of the South American natives.

Tips & Tricks

Snails love young pumpkin plants. When planting the young plants in the bed, put a glass over each one so that the vermin has no chance of getting at them.