How to plant cilantro with expertise

How to plant cilantro with expertise

Which location preferences have to be considered?

In order to grow coriander successfully, a sunny to partially shaded location is important. Since the plant reaches heights of growth of up to 90 centimeters, the location should also be protected from the wind. In a nutritious, humus rich soil, vertigo will happily stretch its roots. Ideally, the soil is loose, well-drained and fresh and moist.

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How does the sowing go as desired?

Since coriander seeds prove to be tolerant of cool spring temperatures, nothing speaks against cultivation by direct sowing. In mild locations, the time window opens as early as April, otherwise you sow in the bed directly in May. Proper planting is done in these steps:

  • Thoroughly weed, rake and smooth the earth at the chosen location
  • Work in a 5-8 cm high layer of leaf earth or compost
  • Spread the seeds widely or plant the individual seeds at a distance of 15-20 cm
  • Sieve the light germs over a maximum of 0.5-0.6 cm with substrate and moisten
  • a garden fleece serves as protection against belated ground frost

Depending on the prevailing temperature conditions, the seeds germinate within 14-21 days. Alternatively, grow the young plants on the windowsill in herb or pricking soil. In the partially shaded place, germination takes place quickly at 20-25 degrees Celsius.

When and how is coriander harvested?

You harvest leaf coriander just before the flowering period, which usually begins in June / July. If you pick the leaves from top to bottom, flowering and thus the end of growth will be delayed. If you plant coriander yourself by sowing, the harvest time for the seeds begins after an average of 24 weeks. If the seed heads turn a light brown color, cut off the entire umbels. When hung up in a dry place, the grains ripen in peace.

How is spiced coriander propagated?

As an annual plant, only sowing is possible for propagation. For this reason, forward-looking hobby gardeners ensure that the next generation of seeds are harvested. For this purpose, some of the fully ripe seeds are kept in a dark, dry vessel. The Vietnamese coriander, which is not related to real coriander, can be propagated as knotweed by cuttings.

Tips & Tricks

You can easily grow coriander yourself on the balcony in a box or tub. Since the aromatic plant reacts badly to transplanting, place the seeds immediately in the planter. If kept constantly moist in herbal soil, the seedlings won't be long in coming. You will later select the weakest specimens so that there is a planting distance of 15 centimeters.