Plant cranesbills correctly

Plant cranesbills correctly

Which location does the cranesbill prefer?

Depending on the type and variety, the cranesbill can be planted in sunny, partially shaded and even shady locations. The table below gives you a selection.

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  • Location depends on the cranesbill species
  • Cranesbill - Suitable species for shady gardens
  • Many cranesbill varieties are suitable for ground cover

Which soil is optimal for the cranesbill?

Almost all cranesbills prefer loamy, humus-rich soil, with some preferring it to be dry, others preferring it to be moist.

When is the right time to plant / sow?

The cranesbill is sown or planted in spring.

Which plant spacing should be kept?

The planting distance also differs considerably depending on the species and variety. The table below gives you a good overview of how many plants of a certain species you should plan for per square meter of space.

What is the best way to multiply the cranesbill?

The cranesbill can best be propagated by sowing or dividing. For some species, vegetative propagation using cuttings is also useful.

When does the cranesbill bloom?

Most cranesbill species bloom in June / July, although there are also early blooming and late blooming species. By cutting back after flowering, some cranesbills can be stimulated to flower again.

Good Neighbors / Bad Neighbors

Many cranesbill species harmonize very well with roses and / or peonies.

Site requirements and planting distances at a glance

Cranesbill speciesLatin nameLocationgroundPlants per square meter
Cambridge cranesbillGeranium cantabrigiensesunny to partially shadedloamy-humic16
Gray cranesbillGeranium cinereumfull sunloamy-humic, slightly alkaline25th
Clarke's cranesbillGeranium clarkeisunny to partially shadedloamy-humic, nutrient-rich11
RozanneGeranium x cultorumsunny to partially shadedloamy-humic, nutrient-rich4th
Himalayan cranesbillGeranium himalayensesunny to partially shadedloamy-humic, nutrient-rich8th
Heart-leaved cranesbillGeranium ibericumsunny to partially shadedloamy-humic, nutrient-rich8th
Rock cranesbillGeranium macrorrhizumsunny, partially shaded or shadyloamy-humic, moderately rich in nutrients11
Magnificent cranesbillGeranium magnificumsunny to partially shadedloamy-humic, nutrient-rich11
Knotty mountain forest cranesbillGeranium nodosumsunny to shadyloamy-humic, moderately rich in nutrients11
Oxford cranesbillGeranium oxonianumsunny to shadyloamy-humic, moderately rich in nutrients5
Brown cranesbillGeranium phaeumsunny to shadyloamy-humic, moist6th
Armenian cranesbillGeranium psilostemonsunnyloamy-humic, nutrient-rich3 to 5
Caucasian cranesbillGeranium renardiisunnymoderately fertile, dry, slightly alkaline11
Blood-red cranesbillGeranium sanguineumsunnyloamy-humic, moderately rich in nutrients7 to 16
Siberian cranesbillGeranium wlassovianumsunny to partially shadeddry, humic8th


Many hybrids such as “Rozanne”, “Nimbus”, “Orion” or “Salome” offer an exceptionally long flowering period.

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