Transplanting buddleia - how it works

Transplanting buddleia - how it works

Autumn is the best time

For successful installation, it is best to dig up the buddleia while it is resting. During the vegetation phase, the plant could quickly resent you for such a measure, but in autumn - preferably in the months of October to November when the soil is still warm - nothing should prevent such a project. If that is not possible, the shrub can also be transplanted in early spring, if possible before the budding in March or April. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the soil is already free of frost.

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How to move a buddleia - step by step

Before actually moving, cut the buddleia back by about a third. This measure is important so that the balance between the upper and lower, supplying parts of the plant is maintained. After all, some of the roots are always lost when transplanting, and the remaining roots can no longer adequately supply the above-ground shoots. Cutting back prevents this. It continues as follows:

  • Tie the shoots loosely with a piece of string or something similar.
  • Now cut off the root ball.
  • Choose a radius that is roughly three quarters of the original height.
  • Now lift the root ball out of the earth with the help of a digging fork.

The adhering soil can remain on the plants, it makes it easier for the buddleia to grow in its new location. There you mix a generous handful of horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) and compost under the excavation for an optimal start.

Careful care makes it easier to grow

So that the buddleia grows properly, you should water it thoroughly after planting and regularly supply it with plenty of water in the following days. However, be careful not to cause waterlogging. If you are transplanting in autumn, you protect the transplanted buddleia by mulching the root disc from adverse weather conditions, to which it will react more sensitively than usual.


You can use the cut wood and shoots to multiply the flowering bush.

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