Build a climbing support for peas yourself

Build a climbing support for peas yourself

Simple trellis made of wood - naturally beautiful

Who said that a plant support for peas should be limited to its practical function? You are welcome to enrich the visual appearance of the kitchen garden. With the natural building material wood, the project succeeds extremely well.

  • keep the clippings from the last tree cut until the peas are sown
  • Put strong branches in the ground next to the seed grooves
  • For higher growing varieties, place two rows of brushwood opposite one another, leaning against each other

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Alternatively, knock two thick branches into the soil at the ends of the row of plants. You nail another rod each across the top and bottom. Then attach sisal cords and the natural climbing aid for peas is ready.

Wire mesh is transformed into a climbing structure

Some varieties of pea develop significant biomass by the time they are harvested. They ask for a more stable construction. If there is still wire mesh (€ 14.99 at Amazon *) from the last fence construction, use the material for a climbing aid.

  • A correspondingly high and wide piece of wire mesh is stretched between 2 stable posts
  • Less vigorous pea varieties find a hold on a large-meshed net without tearing it
  • Bast tape or plastic cable ties serve as fastening material

Where there is no bed available to plant peas in, a large container serves as a cultivation area. In this case, simply convert the classic climbing support for roses. Shapes as an obelisk, pyramid or round arch allow the pea plants to climb up decoratively.

In this way, a plant nest has enough hold

If you prefer to keep your peas indoors, we recommend planting beds in small clusters of five as an eyrie. If the variety thrives higher than 40 cm, place a richly branched branch in the middle. The young plants gratefully use it to climb up.

Tips & Tricks

Always pulling climbing aids for peas straight through the bed has a static effect in the long run. If the climbing construction runs diagonally, this simple design variant immediately creates a visual change.