Growing lemongrass is easier than you think

Growing lemongrass is easier than you think

Root purchased straws in a water glass

You can get fresh lemongrass in many supermarkets or the Asian shop. Put some of the stems in water about two inches deep and place the container in a warm and bright place. Tender roots begin to sprout after about a week. Once the roots are two to three centimeters long, you can move the lemongrass into a flower pot with nutrient-rich soil.

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Grow lemongrass from seeds

You can get lemongrass seeds for self-growing in every well-stocked plant store. When sowing, proceed as follows:

  • Fill pots with potting soil.
  • Sprinkle the seeds on the ground and press down a little.
  • Moisten carefully with a sprayer.
  • Cover the planter with a hood or a transparent plastic bag (greenhouse climate).
  • Ventilate daily to prevent mold or rot.
  • Lemongrass is a warm germ and only sprouts at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.

New perennials through division

Perhaps friends have a vigorously growing lemongrass that you can split up to grow new plants. The right time for division is spring or autumn, when the plant moves outdoors or is brought back into the house for wintering.

  • Take the lemongrass out of the planter.
  • First cut off all the outdoor plants and lift them out of the ground with the digging fork.
  • If possible, carefully pull the roots apart by hand and divide them into individual pieces.
  • You can also use scissors to cut tightly overgrown root balls.
  • Remove dead plant material.
  • Put plants in nutrient-rich soil and water.

When dividing, be careful not to damage the roots and bulbs as much as possible. Lemongrass is quite sensitive in these areas and often no new stalks grow from damaged root parts.

Tips & Tricks

The germination rate of lemongrass is low and is only 40 to 60 percent. Therefore, the seeds can be scattered relatively densely. Seedlings that are too tight can be separated and grown in small pots as soon as they have reached a size of about ten centimeters.