When is the best time to plant strawberries?

When is the best time to plant strawberries?

Summertime is the planting time for strawberries

While the strawberry plants from the previous year are still being harvested diligently, the starting shot for the next planting will be given in July. This date is considered to be the optimal planting time, from which the highest-yielding strawberry suppliers will emerge in the next year. If you miss this date, you still have alternatives. Here's an overview of the planting calendar:

  • July: the ideal month for planting strawberries
  • August: high time for summer planting
  • September: New planting is only recommended in mild regions
  • March: the missed summer planting is now being made up
  • April: strong young plants can now be planted
  • May: now the hour for frigo plants strikes

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If you resort to an alternative date for summer planting, the focus is on the quality of the young plants. The ideal specimens present a strong heart bud, at least three healthy leaves and a stable root system.

Plant frigo in May - harvest in July

If you let all the planting dates pass by and still want to harvest fresh strawberries this year's season, you can use frigo plants. These are normal strawberry plants that were cleared during the winter and stored in the cold store. Since frigos deliver ripe strawberries exactly eight weeks after planting, they are enjoying increasing popularity.

Tips & Tricks

After three years in the same bed at the latest, a crop rotation is recommended for strawberries. In order to keep an overview here in the allotment, a written cultivation plan is very helpful. Alternatively, you can cultivate your strawberry plants in mixed culture and in rows. Changing rows after three years is much more manageable than the entire bed.