Build a privacy screen yourself from pallets or branches cheaply

Build a privacy screen yourself from pallets or branches cheaply

Braid a privacy screen out of branches or use reed mats

Basically, a privacy screen with a natural look can be made relatively easily from the cut material of certain plants. For example, the long, straight branches of the following plant species are suitable for weaving a privacy fence:

  • hazelnut
  • poplar
  • pasture

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Screen fences made of willow branches are very popular, as the branches that are stuck vertically into the earth usually form roots by themselves and the screen made of cut material becomes a living screen over time. However, privacy mats made of reed or dried willow twigs are also relatively cheap. However, these must be firmly anchored by appropriate posts so that they do not fly away in stronger winds.

Absolutely in vogue: privacy screens made from pallets

Recycling is trendy and it is absolutely trendy of the times to build a privacy screen from used pallets yourself. Often these can still be used if they already show too many signs of use for the logistics industry. Make sure, however, that if possible no pallets with contaminant residues are used for the construction of privacy screens with pallets. If a high privacy screen is to be built from more than one row of pallets on top of one another, it is essential to ensure that it is solidly installed on the corresponding support posts. Otherwise the not inconsiderable dead weight of the wooden pallets can lead to serious accidents.

Fast and cheap: climbing plants on the tensioned net

If you want to cover the garbage cans or compost with a privacy screen, it should usually be quick. In such a case, you can simply stretch a reasonably stable net between two wooden posts or trees and let beans or fast-growing annual climbing plants climb it.


A privacy screen made of pallets can also be used as a “living wall” if small plant containers for herbs or flowers are integrated into the cross struts of the pallets. Due to the exposed climatic conditions on a wall, however, these must be watered very regularly, for which an automatic drip system is ideal.