Choose a suitable location for the dragon tree

Choose a suitable location for the dragon tree

Pay attention to suitable lighting conditions

In nature, the dragon tree often thrives in sun-drenched landscapes such as the Canary Islands. Nevertheless, most varieties of the dragon tree are rather sensitive to excessive direct sunlight. You should therefore not place the dragon tree directly in front of a south-facing window. On the other hand, windows facing east, west or north are better suited. You can also use a curtain to protect the dragon tree from excessive midday sunlight to prevent the leaves from falling off. If the location is darker than partially shaded, the plants stretch towards the light as they grow, so that it may be necessary to cut back to limit size.

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Dragon trees like it rather damp

Dragon trees usually leave their leaves hanging or even die where the air is very dry. That is why dragon trees should not actually be placed on the windowsill or directly next to a radiator. If a high level of humidity does not exist by itself, as in the bathroom, for example, the following measures can be helpful:

  • regularly spraying the leaves with water
  • the installation of special humidifiers
  • drying laundry in the open air in the room with the dragon trees

Beware of draughty locations

Dragon trees do not tolerate drafts well, so stairwells are usually unsuitable for these indoor plants. Even when moving to the balcony in summer, care should be taken to ensure a location protected from drafts.


Dragon trees with “colorful” or rather reddish leaves generally tolerate more direct sunlight than specimens with pronounced green leaves.