Is it allowed to create a fireplace in your own garden?

Is it allowed to create a fireplace in your own garden?

Approval is required for open fires

Whether or not creating a fireplace in your own garden is permitted depends on the specific regulations of your community. The regulations differ locally and regionally, but in the vast majority of cases they require approval - at least as long as it is a so-called open fire. A fire in a fire bowl or fire basket with a diameter of less than one meter, on the other hand, is not considered an open fire and may therefore be operated without a permit. For every other fireplace, however, you can obtain one from your local regulatory office. Anyone who runs a campfire without a permit faces heavy fines. In most cases, permits are only issued at Easter time (for the Easter fire) or at certain times of the year.

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Collect wood only with a wood collection note

As soon as you have obtained the permit, you will of course also need wood for your campfire. As long as you are searching on your own property, collecting wood is not a problem - in forests, parks etc. even collecting twigs and branches is a criminal offense, not to mention sawing or cutting off pieces of wood that are still on the tree. So that you don't get into trouble about wood theft, you can apply for a so-called wood collection certificate from your municipality. This costs only a few euros, but is limited in time.

What other rules you should follow for the campfire in the garden

Furthermore, you have to adhere to certain rules when lighting and maintaining an open fire. If you violate this, the granted approval can be withdrawn. The same applies if neighbors and other residents complain.

  • Only burn dry, natural wood.
  • There is no place for waste in a fire.
  • Cardboard, cardboard and paper also do not belong in it.
  • Do not light a fire when it is very dry and there is a risk of forest fires.
  • The same applies to strong winds or storms.
  • Fire must always be supervised by an adult.
  • Have suitable extinguishing agents ready.


Always stack firewood shortly before lighting or rearrange it before lighting - hedgehogs and other small animals often hide in such piles of wood.