Panicle hydrangea “Limelight”: Spring pruning is part of maintenance

Panicle hydrangea “Limelight”: Spring pruning is part of maintenance

Do I have to water the "Limelight" hydrangea a lot?

Like all hydrangeas, the panicle hydrangea “Limelight” needs a lot of water, especially in sunny locations.

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Should I water “Limelight” better with rainwater or tap water?

Since panicle hydrangeas are very sensitive to lime, watering them with soft rainwater would make sense. You can also fill tap water and leave it to stand for a few hours.

What is the best way to fertilize the panicle hydrangea “Limelight”?

Mulch “Limelight” in autumn with a thick layer of bark mulch, in spring with mature, mixed compost and, if necessary, some peat. Cattle manure (€ 17.80 at Amazon *) is also very suitable for hydrangeas. If necessary, fertilize the plant with a special hydrangea fertilizer or fertilizer for rhododendrons or azaleas.

Does the “Limelight” hydrangea also thrive in the tub?

“Limelight” is ideal for culture in pots.

How often should a "Limelight" hydrangea grown in a tub be repotted?

Hydrangeas should be repotted about every one to two years, whereby the size of the planter depends on the size of the plant. Since “Limelight” can be pruned heavily, it doesn't necessarily get very large in the bucket.

Can I transplant a "Limelight" panicle hydrangea that has been planted out?

Yes, but the best time to transplant is either late summer / early autumn or early spring, before the plant has sprouted.

When and how is the limelight hydrangea cut?

As with all panicle hydrangeas, “Limelight” is also pruned in spring, usually between mid-March and early April. The plant can be cut back radically - ie up to 15 to 20 centimeters above the ground.

My "Limelight" hydrangea is not blooming, why is that?

If panicle hydrangeas do not bloom, it is usually in the wrong location. In contrast to other hydrangea species, panicle hydrangeas like “Limelight” are not shade-friendly.

Is the Limelight panicle hydrangea hardy?

“Limelight” is very hardy and does not need winter protection.

Tips & Tricks

Due to its frost resistance, a panicle hydrangea “Limelight” can also overwinter outdoors, but in a sheltered location and, if necessary, with light winter protection.

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