Hibernate the gentian bush properly

Hibernate the gentian bush properly

The gentian tree does not tolerate frost

Frost is so damaging to gentian trees that the plants can perish. You should therefore clear the bushes into the house in good time before the temperatures outside drop too much.

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If you have planted the gentian bush in the garden, you should dig it up by the end of September at the latest and place it in a pot in the winter quarters.

Where is the best place for the gentian tree to overwinter?

The warm room is not a suitable winter accommodation. Well suited are:

  • Cool winter gardens
  • Bright hallways
  • Basement rooms
  • Garden houses

Temperatures must be at least seven degrees. An ideal location is around ten degrees. Make sure that the room can be ventilated to prevent pest infestation.

Keep the soil moderately moist and never let it dry out. You must not fertilize during the winter break.

Hibernate gentian bushes light or dark

The gentian trunk survives the cold season best in a bright winter quarter. If necessary, you can also overwinter the gentian tree in the dark. Then the evergreen plant loses its leaves. So you have to wait longer for next year's flowering.

Prepare the wintering of gentian trunks

Gentian trees can become quite sprawling. Nevertheless, you should cut the gentian bush as little as possible. If you prune too much, the shrub will bloom less the next year.

Tips & Tricks

The evergreen gentian bush is often attacked by aphids, spider mites and whiteflies in winter quarters. You should therefore regularly check the gentian trunk for pests. Detected early, the pests can be easily removed.