The correct procedure for removing the cherry laurel

The correct procedure for removing the cherry laurel

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Removing older bushes is not always unproblematic, as the roots have spread widely and the trunks can reach a considerable diameter. Follow these steps:

  • In a first step, cut off all the branches until only the main shoots are left.
  • Use a saw to cut these strong branches just above the ground.
  • Hit the stump from all sides with a massive hammer so that it loosens. This also causes the smaller roots to break off.
  • Expose main roots with a spade and small digging tools.
  • Separate the roots with sharp rose shears or a hatchet and pull them out of the ground as far as possible.
  • Now the remaining root ball can be lifted out of the ground relatively easily. If this is still very tight, the leverage of a pickaxe is helpful.

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So that the cherry laurel does not sprout again, it is sufficient to destroy the root head and a large part of the main roots. However, if you want to create space for a new planting, you should dig up the soil deeply afterwards and carefully select all roots that are still in the topsoil.

How is the clippings disposed of?

The amount of clippings and roots is enormous when removing the cherry laurel. The cherry laurel also rots badly, so that disposal via the compost is difficult. It is therefore advisable to hand in the green waste at a local collection point or have it picked up by a waste disposal company. There are generally no or only very low costs for this disposal.

Tips & Tricks

If you have removed the cherry laurel, there are often still numerous seeds in the soil from which new laurel cherries develop in spring. If you do not want to transplant the small bushes, you should consistently pull out the seedlings.