Planting cucumbers in the tub - good and practical

Planting cucumbers in the tub - good and practical

Green, short, long and slim - not only mini-format snack cucumbers, but also long snake cucumbers or cucumbers can be planted in a tub or pot. Provided you meet their special requirements for climate, location and care.

Their properties make cucumbers ideal pot and tub plants. Whether in a bucket or a pot - cucumbers need a lot of space. The perfect planter cannot be too small. Sufficient planting distance between the individual cucumbers as well as sufficient root depth must be taken into account.

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Cucumber seeds or young plants?

As soon as young cucumber plants are 20 centimeters high, they can be repotted in their final location. The distance between them should be at least 60 centimeters. Cucumbers actually need an annual change of location - laboriously in the greenhouse. Because soil replacement is a lot of work.

A recommended alternative: plant cucumbers in buckets, pots or in substrate bags. Enrich the substrate with compost or rotted cow manure and distribute it on the compost or in the garden after the season. The plants thrive in new soil every year.

Repot cucumbers in buckets - everything you need:

  • Seeds from cucumbers or horticultural shops
  • 20 liter buckets, pots or substrate bags
  • Seed substrate or potting soil
  • Sowing soil
  • Climbing aid
  • fertilizer

Because they originally come from northern India, cucumbers prefer a sunny location protected from rain and cold. Therefore place it on a southern wall of the house. This protects against wind and radiates additional heat to the cucumbers. Powdery mildew-resistant cucumber varieties especially for buckets or pots are, for example:

  • Printo F1 - mini snake cucumber for salad
  • Ministar F1 - refined snack cucumber

These crispy, smooth, fully aromatic cucumbers are seedless. Just harvest and eat like a sausage.

The soil should be loose and rich in nutrients. Avoid waterlogging! When the soil is dry, water cucumbers from below and keep the leaves dry. Supply once a week with an organic fertilizer that contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium but no nitrogen. Or use slow release fertilizer when planting. At the end of July you can already harvest and enjoy the first wonderfully fresh, crunchy cucumbers.

Tips & Tricks

Homemade fertilizer: Fill a watering can with nettles and stripped cucumber shoots and then fill up with water. Let ferment for 2 weeks. Then fertilize cucumbers with diluted nettle broth once a week or spray them off.