Bow hemp rarely blooms

Bow hemp rarely blooms

Panicles of flowers in spring

In old age, bow hemp sometimes forms flowers, but only very rarely. These white, yellow, pink or greenish-white flowering panicles appear in winter or in early spring, with each shoot only blooming once. Provided that nocturnal pollination by moths has taken place, reddish berries emerge from the flower in autumn. These contain seeds from which new plants can be grown. In contrast to many other succulents, the shoot does not die off after flowering, but continues to grow.

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Propagate bow hemp by seeds

In order for strong young plants to grow from the seeds of the bow hemp, temperatures of at least 20 ° C (better 25 to 30 ° C) and high humidity are necessary. You can also buy seeds of various types on the Internet or in specialist shops. How to germinate the seeds:

  • Fill a plastic pot with cactus soil or perlite. (€ 32.90 at Amazon *)
  • Place the seeds on it, but do not cover them with substrate.
  • Moisten the seeds and substrate well
  • and cover both with a plastic cover.
  • This can be, for example, a cut off PET bottle,
  • a ziplock bag, a freezer bag or even a greenhouse.
  • Place the vessel in a bright and very warm place,
  • for example on a window sill directly above a heater.
  • Always keep the humidity high under the cover
  • and be patient.
  • It can take a few weeks to months for the first green tips to show up.


It is even easier to reproduce the leaf hemp by cuttings or by dividing it. With the latter, separate offshoots and simply plant them separately in a new pot.