Chrysanthemums in pots - how to properly maintain the splendor of autumn flowers

Chrysanthemums in pots - how to properly maintain the splendor of autumn flowers

Protect delicate flowers from frost

The chrysanthemums, which only bloom in autumn, provide another splash of color before winter finally arrives. They are often among the last flowering plants in the garden. Pot chrysanthemums feel just as comfortable in a sheltered place in the garden - for example on a wall - as they do on a balcony or terrace. It is also possible to keep it in the apartment. However, caution is advised with early frosts, because the flowers of the perennial, which often blooms in November, are very sensitive to frost. Therefore, if there is a risk of frost, it is better to bring the plants indoors overnight.

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Care of the potted chrysanthemums - explained in a nutshell

Chrysanthemums are not only one of the flowering perennials that bloom very late, they also often inspire with a very long flowering time. In the following we have put together the most important information on caring for the popular autumn flower in a clear and concise manner.

Avoid direct sun

Of course, this also includes the right location. Chrysanthemums need a lot of light, but usually cannot tolerate direct sun - especially the midday sun - very well. So it is best to ensure a bright to sunny location without direct midday sun.

Substrate and planting

Use nutrient-rich, humus-rich potting soil for your potted chrysanthemums, which you can loosen up with a little sand. Pay particular attention to good pot drainage so that excess water can easily drain off. You can achieve this by filling in pottery shards, small pebbles or a similar material about two to five centimeters high as the bottom layer of the pot.

Watering and fertilizing

The profuse blooming chrysanthemums are very draining, so they need a lot of water and fertilizer. In autumn it is sufficient to water abundantly about once or twice a week. The right time to water is when the top substrate layer in the pot is already dry. You should refrain from fertilizing in autumn.

To cut

Faded flower stems can be cut off to just above the ground.


If possible, chrysanthemums in pots should not overwinter outside, but in the house, in the garden shed (7.70 € on Amazon *) or in the greenhouse at temperatures between five to ten degrees Celsius.


When watering, be careful not to wet the leaves and flowers. This measure will help you to prevent a fungal attack.