Can a watermelon be fed to rabbits?

Can a watermelon be fed to rabbits?

Slowly get rabbits used to new feed

It is the same with rabbits as with humans, many have their own taste and are not at all enthusiastic about certain foods. Since watermelons are usually not harmful as a small dose of variety on the menu, you can test with a small piece whether your rabbit eats it. Sometimes it can take a while for curiosity to overcome fear of the unknown, so keep putting fresh pieces of watermelon in the food bowl for a few days, even if the fruit is not sniffed and accepted the first time.

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Pay attention to the origin and variety

Since the cultivation of watermelons requires the seeds to be brought forward or, ideally, a greenhouse, the watermelon to be fed will usually be a specimen bought in the supermarket. In this country, watermelons often come from the following countries:

  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Turkey
  • Iran

Therefore, if you are unsure whether the fruit has been sprayed in any way, you should remove the green peel before feeding to be on the safe side. You should also choose the Crimson Sweet variety over Sugar Baby because of its lower sugar content.

It depends on the amount

Since watermelons contain a lot of water and also a certain amount of sugar, they should only be fed to rabbits in small amounts. Otherwise, diarrhea and other digestive irregularities may occur.

Tips & Tricks

Rodents also appreciate the refreshing effect of a watermelon even more if it has been kept chilled in the cellar or refrigerator.