Panicle hydrangeas: Different varieties with strong growth and large flower panicles

Panicle hydrangeas: Different varieties with strong growth and large flower panicles

Creamy white flowers predominate

Most panicle hydrangeas bloom creamy white, although the color often changes to pink as they fade. In addition, many varieties flower very late, with the dwarf hydrangea “Dharuma” being an exception. “Dharuma” shows its creamy white flowers from May to June. Due to the early flowering, this variety - an exception to the rule! - the flowers already laid out the previous year Therefore, you must not prune “Dharuma” back in spring, if necessary the shoots should be slightly shortened.

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varietyFlower colorFlower shapeHeydayStatureWidthfeatures
Dharumacreamy whiteconical, looseMay to June50 cm80 cmDwarf hydrangea
Great starcreamy white to pinkconicalJuly to September200 cm150 cmfast growing
Grandifloracreamy white to pinkconical, very denseJuly to September200 cm250 cmlarge flowers
Kyushucreamy white to pinkconical, narrow paniclesJuly to September300 cm300 cmfloriferous
Limelightlight yellow to whiteconical, thick paniclesJuly to August200 cm200 cmcan be dried well
phantomcreamy white to pinkconical, broad paniclesAugust to October120 cm150 cmwell suited for buckets
Praecoxyellowish white to pinkconical, short paniclesJune to August200 cm200 cmbroad, bushy shrub
Pinky Winkywhite-lime to reddishconical, thick paniclesAugust to September200 cm150 cmpanicles up to 30 cm long
Silver dollargreen-white to pale pinkvery broad panicles, conicalAugust to September150 cm200 cmcompact, broad shrub
Tardivacreamy white to pinkconical, looseAugust to October250 cm350 cmlate blooming
Uniquecreamy white to pinksquatJuly to September200 cm300 cmstrong growth
Vanilla Fraisecreamy white to pinkconical, broadAugust to September200 cm150 cmfast growing
Wim's Redcreamy white to bordeauxrelaxedAugust to September150 cm150 cmgood in mixed discounts

Tips & Tricks

Panicle hydrangeas can be raised very well as a tree or as a high stem. In their homeland, the bushes can reach heights of up to seven meters, but can be cultivated as a small bush through regular pruning.