Hanging orchids correctly - this is how exotic window decorations succeed

Hanging orchids correctly - this is how exotic window decorations succeed

Hanging Vanda Orchid - How To Do It Right

A Vanda orchid prefers a life without soil in order to bring out its breathtaking flowers. This puts it at the top of the list of the most popular orchids for a free-floating position in the flower window. A small slat basket, in which part of the aerial roots is inserted, provides the necessary support. How to properly hang the orchid:

  • Attach hooks in a west or east window to the right and left in the wall or in the roller shutter box
  • Apply a milky film to the south window in summer to soften the blazing sunlight
  • Connect the hooks and the slatted basket with stainless wire

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Please attach the wire so that you can easily remove the basket with the orchid and hang it up again when maintenance work is on the program.

A congenial partnership - hanging orchid and tillandsia

An orchid hanging bare-rooted in the window is permanently threatened with drying out. If constant high humidity and repeated spraying a day cannot be ensured, you don't have to do without the spectacular staging in the flower window. By combining a floating vanda with a tillandsia, you solve the problem in a way that is both simple and decorative.

Tillandsia usneoides, also known as Spanish moss, is perfect for this purpose. Since the plant also thrives epiphytically, fix it in the root network of a Vanda orchid. The tillandsia is able to store much more moisture and the orchid likes to participate.


The substrate-free cultivation of an orchid requires an increased need for care. The main focus is on a high humidity of 60-80 percent, regular diving and daily spraying. By hanging the plants in an orchid display case with a simulated rainforest climate, you avoid the additional expense.