Growing kiwi is not difficult

Growing kiwi is not difficult

The kiwi - also called Chinese gooseberry - is a warmth-loving, deciduous, winding shrub with large, hairy leaves and yellowish white flowers. The hardy shrub grows up to 10 meters high and can be grown in Germany without any problems. The following essential points must be observed for successful cultivation:

  • choose frost-resistant varieties,
  • take into account regional climatic conditions,
  • protected location is necessary,
  • a wall facing south / south-west is best,
  • slightly acidic soil and a layer of mulch are recommended,
  • stable, high climbing support, pergola or scaffolding facilitate maintenance.

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Propagate kiwi plants yourself

The experimental and patient gardener grows his kiwi plants himself from seeds or cuttings or offshoots. The cuttings are cut in spring before budding; Offshoots can be made from long shoots throughout the growing season.

The kiwi seeds should be watered before sowing to free them from the pulp. They are light germs and need constant heat and moisture to germinate. The germination time is quite short at 2-3 weeks. However, it can take ten years or more for plants grown from seeds to be harvested for the first time.

What to look for when buying kiwi plants

If you want to harvest your own fruits as soon as possible, you will reach your goal faster with the plants you have bought. These already bear fruit after two to four years. The mini kiwi varieties are very robust and high-yielding, the fruits of which are smaller and have a smooth skin that is eaten with them. In addition, you need at least one female and one male plant, which you plant at a maximum distance of four meters from each other.

Tips & Tricks

The monoecious kiwi varieties have male and female flowers on one plant and therefore do not need an additional pollinator.

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